Palm oil - FREE

Palm oil - FREE

«Your product. Our contribution »

Inspired by Quality, including the use of palm oil dietary fats in all our Patiswiss products.

Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of oil palms and since 2005 has become the most important vegetable oil in the world. From palm oil different fats are produced which are mainly used in the food industry. In recent years, production has increased in part by more than 15% per year.

The main oil palm producing countries are Malaysia and Indonesia, which together account for over 85% of world production. Palm oil is more productive than other oil plants such as soybeans, sunflowers or rapeseed and requires less land area which makes it cheaper..

The palm oil boom, on the other hand, has its price for the environment. To make room for the plantations, large areas of rainforests are cut down. Already several years ago, the UN called the rapid increase in palm oil plants one of the biggest threats to the rainforest and thus also to the orangutans.

Protecting the rainforests from deforestation - one of the reasons why Patiswiss has decided not to use palm oil dietary fats.

Patiswiss AG, your manufacturer of high quality semi-finished products, is proud to say that all of our Patiswiss products have been Palm Oil FREE since January 1, 2013, thus making a sustainable contribution to our environment and to the destruction of the rainforest.

More information on this topic is also available at: WWF   /  Greenpeace