Your longing for regeneration and indulgence

  • By 2030, we will evolve from a sustainable food producer to a regenerative one that uses plant-based ingredients, for the benefit of people, animals and the environment
  • We develop plant-based brand products that play an important role in a healthy diet and in protecting the planet’s resources
  • Our business model enables us to develop new strategies and implement them for the benefit of our shareholders and our regenerative business strategy


  • We make products that meet the highest standards for food safety, transparency and business ethics
  • We recognise customer needs quickly and create products and value-chain processes to meet them
  • We develop our own brands and provide products from exclusive third-party brands to increase transparency and trust
  • We identify our effective processes and optimise them continuously and systematically to increase efficiency
  • We offer our customers unique recipes and amounts to differentiate ourselves in the market and create added value
  • We work to ensure that our customers, employees, sales partners and shareholders can identify with Patiswiss and its products