Granulates and Brittle

Large choice of roasted and caramelised granulates made from selected raw materials. Uniform particle size, free of small particles. Used for finishing cakes and pastries, top- pings or fillings for ice cream or as a decoration. Fresh and packed in sealed bags. 

Product description Article No. Net weight Shelf life
Almond croquante fine 12761 Box 3 kg 6 mths
Almond croquante coarse 12771 Box 3 kg 6 mths
Almond granulates sugared 12811 Box 3 kg 6 mths
Pistachio granulate, 2–5 mm 12880 Box 3 kg 12 mths
Hazelnut granulate, roasted, coarse, sugared 12901 Box 3 kg 6 mths
Hazelnut granulate, roasted, fine, sugared 12911 Box 3 kg 6 mths