Almond pastes

Quality raw materials – almonds from Spain and California gently treated by the most modern processes ensure optimum structure and enhance the typical flavours. Patiswiss has a broad range of almond pastes, with and without bitter almonds, as well as speciality pastes like amaretti and financier paste. Almond pastes are classic confectionery semi- finished products and are used in making delicious almond biscuits, as a filling for almond pastries and for many other specialties. In addition supply Organic, Bio, EU Bio and Fairtrade quality.

Product description Article No. Net weight Shelf life
Almond paste without bitter almonds 1:1 10202 Box 6 kg 9 mths
Almond paste premium soft 1:1 10212 Box 6 kg 9 mths
Almond paste premium extra fine 1:1 10232 Box 6 kg 9 mths
Almond paste standard 1:1 10242 Box 6 kg 9 mths
Bio almond paste 1:1 10222 Box 6 kg 6 mths
Petit fours paste almonds, 70% 10293 Box 6 kg 12 mths
Almond dough 15% 10272 Box 12.5kg 6 mths